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What & Who Can Appear in Past Life Regressions?

Updated: Jun 1


There are limitless types of energies and consciousnesses that can show up in past life regressions and session. Some of the infinite kinds of energies, beings, and lifetimes that can appear in your past life regression are:

  • Source Energy

  • God or Creator / Creation Energy

  • Soul Origin

  • Highest/Higher Self

  • Spirit Guides / Guardians

  • Ascended Master Self

  • Ascended Masters (The Buddha, Jeshua, Kwan Yin, etc.)

  • Past, Present, Parallel, and Future Selves / Lifetimes

  • Alternate / Fractal Timelines

  • Light Counsels

  • Other Energy Councils / Collectives

  • Inner Child

  • The Divine Feminine

  • The Divine Masculine

  • Ego

  • Conscious Mind

  • Subconscious Mind

  • Superconscious Self

  • Unconscious Self

  • Shadow Self

  • Archangels

  • Angels / Guardian Angels

  • Spirit Animals / Animal Guides / Animal Totems

  • Faeries / Nature Spirits / Plant Spirits / Elementals

  • Mother Earth - Gaia

  • Cosmic / ET Guides and Lifetimes

  • Cosmic / ET Encounters and Visitations

  • Other Planets, Galaxies, and Dimensions

  • Cosmic Councils / Collectives

  • Inner Earth

  • New Earth

  • Lemuria - Lemurian

  • Atlantis - Atlantian

  • Energy Beings / Light Beings / Non-physical Energy Lifetime

  • Energies of Unknown Origin

  • Cellular or Object Lifetime

  • Soulmate or Twinflame

  • Passed on Loved Ones (deceased family members or friends)

  • Passed on Animal Companions (deceased pets)

  • Blockages and Attached Densities

  • Traumas

  • Emotions

  • Teachers, Guides, and Guardians of All Kinds

  • And More!

Typically, a combination of some of these energies will occur in my Past Life Regression BQH sessions, and other times one key energy can be a main focus as well. Such energies, beings, and lifetimes will manifest and deliver different perspectives, information, realizations, and guidance to you during the session (aligned with your intention that we set together before your journey begins). These messages will be delivered to you in the form of dreamlike visions, images, sounds, knowings, feelings, sensations, colors, words, numbers, symbols, and more. You will describe all of the information that you receive, and I will ask you further detailed questions to gain as much helpful knowledge and insights for you as possible.

Oftentimes during the Past Life Regression BQH session journey itself, a couple of different lifetimes are explored, and then we connect with your Highest Self and inner guidance to answer your session questions and complete the healing portion. Other times, the Higher Self question section occurs at the start of the session, and then the rest of the journey unfolds from there.

Every past life regression holds an individual consciousness adventure. I've found that each of my clients is given the exact experience that they're meant to receive in the present moment of their session, with the exact energies, beings, and lifetimes that they're meant to encounter.

Learn more about my online Past Life Regression BQH sessions from my blog post about what happens in my sessions HERE. Or, book a session HERE!

With love,

The Quantum Guide

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