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Past Life Regression & PLR Sessions

Updated: Jan 18

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression (PLR) is a guided meditation inner journey experience, in which you receive guidance and wisdom from your subconscious mind, to help you live your best current life. In a deeply relaxed meditative state, you're able to explore aspects of your subconscious to receive messages and solutions for your optimal healing, growth, and transformation.

A past life regression can also be described as a trance state, trance meditation, regressive hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming, mindset rewiring, consciousness exploration, energy work, astral travel/astral projection, or dreamwork. Everyone experiences past life regression differently and individually, but many describe it as feeling like you're experiencing an involved daydream, transcending beyond time, space, and this physical reality.

Past life regressions usually involve listening to a facilitator or a guided recording that provides verbal instructions to help you focus your attention, relax your body and mind, and allow you to take on the role of an observer. You become more present and aware of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, to address subconscious blocks, current life challenges, and more.

You'll See Scenes That Are Most Relevant to You & What You're Experiencing in That Moment

Your subconscious will show you scenes of what's most relevant, necessary, and beneficial to you and your current life, to help you with what you're experiencing in that present moment. You'll recall experiences from different perspectives in connection to your session intention, and typically you'll remember scenes of past lives or parallel lives, or you'll recall past moments of your currently lifetime, like childhood memories (for inner chid work, for example), or you may experience future lifetimes or timelines too. You can be shown different experiences or things to deliver specific symbolic messages as well.

What is a Past Life Regression Session Like?

During a past life regression session, you lay back, relax, and close your eyes, as you listen to the sound of your facilitator's voice, while they take you on an inner journey. You're guided into a deep meditative state via verbal prompts, visualization exercises, guided imagery, deep breathing, mindfulness practices, and past life regression/hypnosis techniques, in which your brainwaves are slowed and you're able to receive messages from your subconscious. In this dreamlike state, you'll obtain guidance from your subconscious mind and Higher Self for personal and/or spiritual growth and healing. Your Higher Self can be considered that subconscious part of you that's the Divine spark and that has more knowledge about you and your life plan than your more "everyday" or "temporal" self.

Most past life regression sessions begin with a conversation between the facilitator and the client, before the guided journey begins. This conversation allows you to connect with your practitioner, share your background, and get clear on what you would like to work on during your session. Setting an intention and calling in connection and protection are other aspects of these sessions that are often included before the induction. After the guided journey induction, you will encounter the most relevant and necessary scenes you're meant to experience for your growth and benefit. Throughout these scenes, your facilitator will continually ask you questions, to uncover everything you're meant to understand and receive. Energy work is also a major aspect of these sessions, and you can even consider the entire session process energy work. Frequently, energetic body scan and intentional energy work is completed, which can consist of releasing blocks, energy center activation, removing/transmuting energy, and more. Another main aspect is the questions that you bring to the session to ask your subconscious mind and Higher Self for guidance.

You Will Bring Questions to Ask Your Subconscious Mind & Higher Self

You usually bring a list questions to your past life regression session that you'd like to ask your subconscious and Higher Self during the journey. Typically, these questions pertain to what you're currently experiencing and what they'd like to receive clarity on. When you're in this deeply connected state, your facilitator asks these questions to your subconscious mind. Your Highest Self will deliver responses to you in the form of dreamlike visions, images, inner knowings, gut instincts, feelings, sensations, symbols, colors, words, numbers, sounds and more. You'll describe what you experience and your facilitator will ask you further questions to gain beneficial knowledge and insights for you. The idea is to provide you with as much helpful information as possible, to integrate into your current lifetime, for optimal healing, growth, and transformation. After all of your questions are asked, final messages are usually delivered before the session is completed and you're guided back to your everyday waking state. Grounding and regrouping then occurs before your facilitator gives you instructions for post-session integration.

Benefits of Past Life Regression & Reasons to Have a Session

With past life regression, you achieve a state of hyper-awareness, where your mind becomes highly focused and receptive to positive to suggestions or affirmations. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety, promote inner peace and relaxation, enhance overall well-being, and more.

There are countless reasons to have a past life regression session, including the following benefits:

  • Uncover the root cause of challenges, fears, traumas, blocks, heath and emotional concerns, or relationship issues

  • Address unresolved issues or challenges and find solutions to move forward

  • Release limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back

  • Activate, embody, and amplify your gifts, abilities, and talents

  • Receive guidance about your career, career changes, and business(es)

  • Understand your life mission and uncover your soul purpose, plus gain insights about them

  • Recall suppressed or past life memories that are most relevant to your current life's growth

  • Connect to your Higher Self, spirit guides, ancestors, and passed on loved ones, to receive guidance and messages

  • Increased self awareness, understanding, and empathy

  • Inner child work

  • Shadow work and addressing your shadow side

  • Answer questions about your life's mysteries (i.e. understand paranormal encounters)

  • Gain creative inspirations

  • Understand the meaning of your dreams or reoccurring dreams and investigation

  • Learn more about a NDE (near death experience)

  • Receive soul origin information

  • Investigate cosmic, ET, or UFO encounters and origins

  • Connect with or balance your divine feminine and masculine energies

Past Life Regression Isn't Just About Past Lives...

Not only can you experience your past lifetimes in a past life regression session, but you can also experience and relive present life memories, future lifetimes/timelines, and parallel lifetimes. You can also meet your spirit guides, passed on loved ones, ancestors, and guardian angels and receive messages from them. Inner child work and shadow work are other powerful experiences that can happen in a past life regression too. The possibilities are absolutely limitless when it comes to these sessions, and anything can truly happen.

After Your Past Life Regression Session, Integration is Key

As everyone experiences past life regressions differently, everyone experiences integrating their regression sessions differently. In general, most people are very relaxed after their sessions, and they'll want to continue to relax and take it easy for the rest of the day, as they process the experience and ground. It is important to get grounded post-session, so eating something, drinking water, and resting after is advised. You'll receive a recording of your session, and it is important to listen to it whenever you feel ready. It can be very beneficial to watch/listen to your recording over and over again, even months and years down the line. Each time you view it can have different benefits and messages. Don't listen to your session recording while driving or while doing something where you wouldn't want to relax and possibly fall asleep. And, be sure to fully integrate the guidance that came through at your own pace, and do so consistently, as this is key to these sessions.

I'm hugely passionate about PLR, as it has completely transformed my life in the most positive and profound of ways. I've learned so much about myself, shifted my mindset, released fears, and I continue to learn lessons and improve my life with this work every day.

So much of the magic that I've experienced in my life has happened during past life regression sessions. If you're called to explore past life regression's magic yourself, I offer online past life regression BQH sessions and you can learn more about them HERE!

With love,


The Quantum Guide

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