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What's Quantum Healing? What's Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022



I like to think of Quantum Healing as a form of healing (not specifically physical) that accepts that healing is possible and effective across time, space, and distance. Quantum Healing sessions can help you to gain access to your personal healing potential and highest guidance, via deep consciousness (and subconscious) journeying and investigation. This deep consciousness exploration is typically done with the guidance of a certified Quantum Healing practitioner, like me, The Quantum Guide.

Quantum Healing is sometimes referred to as deep guided meditation/visualization, past life regression, past life healing, hypnosis, soul travel, energy work, energy healing, or even dreamwork. In my virtual Quantum Healing sessions, I help to guide you into a very relaxed and meditative dreamlike state where you're able to speak to your Highest Self and describe your experience and journey aloud. Your Highest/Higher Self is your truest self, your Divine self, the highest aspect of you that contains all of the wisdom and understanding about you and your lifetimes + soul plan.


Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is the specific type of Quantum Healing that I practice, and it was created by Candace Craw-Goldman (who practiced under the late great Dolores Cannon, obtained a level 3 practitioner certification under her, and assisted Dolores with her live quantum healing workshops prior to her passing). BQH is a heart-centered, service to others, modality that entails deep consciousness exploration and spiritual journeying, where elements of hypnosis and past life regression are used. BQH is a flexible and versatile framework, that's free of strict scripts or harsh rules, and that centers on intention and consciousness development. This modality offers the flexibility of virtual sessions, and it allows for practitioners to incorporate skills from their other practiced modalities, for maximum effectiveness.

In my BQH sessions, I help to guide you into a deep meditative state in which you are completely relaxed (in a reclining position) and your brain waves are slowed, via verbal prompts and guided imagery. In this dreamlike state, you're able to connect to many different aspects of your consciousness for guidance regarding healing and personal + spiritual growth. Within these sessions, we are able to address any subconscious blockages that may be holding you back, and get direct knowledge from your Highest Self on how to proceed forward in the most beneficial way.

Every Quantum Healing session is completely unique, and each holds a beautiful and individual consciousness journey. Facilitating these Beyond Quantum Healing sessions is my mission, and I love exploring the universe in this way with you! If you're called to learn more about my virtual BQH sessions, click HERE.

With love,

The Quantum Guide

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