What is Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)?

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a specific type of quantum energy work, created by Candace Craw-Goldman. It's a heart-centered, service to others, modality that entails deep consciousness exploration and spiritual journeying, where elements of hypnosis and past life regression are used. BQH is a flexible and versatile framework free of strict scripts or rules, that centers on intention and consciousness development. This modality offers the flexibility of virtual sessions online, and it allows for practitioners to incorporate skills from their other practiced modalities, for maximum effectiveness. Learn more about my Shorter BQH Micro sessions HERE, and learn more about my Full Length BQH sessions HERE.

What are reasons to have a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session? Are BQH sessions for me?

Do you only offer online virtual BQH sessions?

Yes, I'm ONLY offering online sessions conducted via video chat at this time. Learn more and book my Shorter BQH Micro sessions HERE, and learn more about my Full Length BQH sessions HERE.

How are online virtual BQH sessions different than in-person BQH sessions?

There are very few differences between my online and in-person BQH sessions. In both in-person and virtual BQH sessions, you use headphones to listen to the sound of my voice as I guide you through the Quantum Healing journey. I've found that my clients are able to connect so very deeply with virtual sessions, as they allow for the experience to occur in the comfort of your home, in your own relaxed environment (conducted via video chat). I'm only offering virtual BQH sessions online at this time (no in-person sessions). 

What is the difference between your Beyond Quantum Healing Micro session and Beyond Quantum Healing Full Length session?

My Beyond Quantum Healing Micro sessions and Beyond Quantum Healing Full Length sessions are the exact same type of sessions, with the main differences being the session’s length, the amount of time we have to explore other lifetimes/experiences, and the number of questions that you’re able to ask your higher self/consciousness (you’re able to ask more in the longer full length sessions). My Beyond Quantum Healing Micro sessions are 3.5 hours long, and my Beyond Quantum Healing Full Length sessions are 5 hours long. In the BQH Micro session, we have less time to explore other lifetimes/experiences, and you’re able to ask 5-7 questions to ask your higher self/consciousness, while with the Full Length BQH session, there’s more time to explore other lifetimes/experiences, and you’re able to to ask 7-12+ questions.

I noticed that your virtual Full Length BQH session option is 5 hours long, why is this?

My virtual BQH sessions last for approximately 5 hours, and this session length is broken up into 3 main parts:

  1. Conscious Convo, Session Prep & Intention Setting - We'll go over the session process and discuss anything and everything that you'd like to before your journey begins. We'll talk about you and your background, and thoroughly review all of of your Highest Self questions. We'll do a brief relaxation exercise, and write and set an intention together based on what your session goal is.

  2. BQH Session Journey - This is the deep meditative quantum consciousness exploration and journey. Each soul's adventure is completely unique and holds a beautifully individual experience. Typically, a couple of lifetimes or experienced are explored, and then we connect with your Highest Self and higher guidance to answer your session questions and complete the healing portion.

  3. Post-session Grounding - We'll review what was just experienced in your journey, I'll answer any questions, and make sure that you're fully grounded for the rest of your day.

I also offer shorter 3.5 hour virtual BQH Micro sessions, and you can learn more about them HERE.

How do I prepare for my virtual BQH session?

There are countless reasons why you would want to have a BQH session. One main reason is that within these sessions, we are able to address any subconscious blockages that may be holding you back, and get direct knowledge from your Highest Self on how to proceed forward in the most beneficial way. Some other common reasons to have a BQH session are for guidance and clarity on any of the following:

  • Health and emotional concerns

  • Life mission and soul purpose questions

  • Career and life changes

  • Relationship concerns

  • Past life remembrance and healing

  • Higher Self + spirit guide connection and guidance

  • Soul origin information

  • Dream work investigation (i.e. reoccurring dream questions)

  • Cosmic origins (starseed origins) and E.T. encounter questions

  • Remembering if you are a starseed, indigo child, crystal child, etc.

  • Remembering if you are a volunteer that's here to help earth, and remembering your mission here

  • Other esoteric or life mystery questions

Learn more about my Shorter BQH Micro sessions HERE, and learn more about my Full Length BQH sessions HERE. I also offer BQH consultation calls, if you'd like chat with me directly before scheduling your BQH session. Book your consultation call HERE

Once your session is scheduled, you'll receive an in-depth email with ALL of the preparation info you'll need. Please read ALL of the email attachments FULLY before your session. Be sure to do the following as well:​

  • Fill out the Client Intake Form and email it to me

  • Prepare a list of 5-7 session questions (for my Shorter BQH Micro Sessions) or 7-12+ session questions (for my Full Length BQH Sessions) to ask your Highest Self/higher consciousness, and email them to me (more detailed info is within the prep document)

  • Light exercise or movement before your session

  • Light meal or snack before your session – bring water and food/snacks to your session

  • Limit caffeine  DO NOT ELIMINATE if a regular coffee or tea drinker, just limit

  • DO NOT consume alcohol or caffeine the night before

  • Clear out your entire day for your session (as much as possible)  it's generally not a good idea to have additional appointments after your session or plan a long drive ahead of you, unless you are in the passenger's seat

  • Prepare a sacred and peaceful space for you to experience your session. You’ll want to be reclining and absolutely comfortable. Make sure that you will not be disturbed at all during your session. Turn off your phone and all alerts/alarms. For details on how to create sacred space for your session, click HERE.  

  • Technical Info

    • Bring a headset or headphones with a microphone attached  this is VERY important! NO wireless headphones! Make sure to bring your headset or headphones with a cord, and that they work.

    • Download and familiarize yourself with Zoom and ALL of your equipment prior to the session

    • Have your video streaming device (laptop, iPad, etc.) fully charged and plugged into a wall charger during your session

    • Your session recording will be sent to you via email. Session recordings are not kept forever. Download, save, and backup your session recording file immediately! 

It's entirely up to you to decide how much you want to prepare for your BQH session. Most importantly, trust the process, yourself, and show up. My clients benefit greatly from preparing by learning to quiet their minds, reading helpful articles to debunk myths + provide relevant info (links are included in prep email document), and by listening to pre-recorded regressions and meditating. A daily meditation practice is a wonderful and very helpful way to prepare for these sessions.

What do I need to do AFTER my BQH session?

After your session, be sure to fully ground yourself, eat something, drink water, relax, and integrate for the rest of the day (we will also go over this during the grounding portion of your session). Please reach out to me with any questions. I also offer follow up session calls HERE.

What are all of the services that you offer?

In addition to virtual Full Length BQH sessions, and virtual Shorter BQH Micro sessions, 30 minute Quantum Consultation Video Calls, and Follow Up Integration Calls as well. You can find all of my services and learn more HERE.