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DELUXE BQH Hypnosis Session

Extended length BQH hypnosis session, where you receive guidance from your Higher Self/subconscious

  • 4 hr 30 min
  • 350 US dollars
  • Virtual Video Session

Service Description

This session is a guided journey of exploring your subconscious & uncovering your own inner wisdom, to help you live your best current life. I help you to enter a deep meditative state with verbal prompts, guided imagery, elements of hypnosis/past life regression, where your brainwaves are slowed & you're able to receive messages from your subconscious. In this dreamlike state, you'll obtain guidance from your Higher Self for personal/spiritual growth & healing. You're shown what's most relevant & beneficial to your current life. You'll bring 5-8 questions to the session that you'd like to ask your subconscious & Higher Self during the journey. When you're in this deeply connected state, I'm able to ask these questions to your subconscious mind. Your Highest Self will deliver responses to you in the form of metaphors, visions, images, inner knowings, gut instincts, feelings, sensations, symbols, colors, words, numbers, sounds & more. You'll describe what you experience & I'll ask you further questions to gain as much helpful knowledge & insights for you as possible. You can ask any questions to your subconscious/Higher Self. Common questions are about: - Health & emotional concerns - Life mission & soul purpose - Career & life changes - Relationships - Past life remembrance & healing - Higher Self/spirit guide guidance - Soul origins - Dream work (dream meanings) - ET & UFO encounters/origins - Paranormal encounters Sessions last for approx. 4.5 hours, which include: 1. Pre-session Convo, Prep & Intention Setting - We discuss your background & anything that you'd like before your journey. We review all questions, set an intention based on your session goals & then do a relaxation exercise. 2. BQH Session Journey - The deep meditative consciousness exploration & journey. Experiences are explored from past/present/future/parallel lives & more. We connect with your subconscious & Higher Self to answer your session questions & do energy work. Your journey is recorded for you & kept private. 3. Review - A brief review of your journey & grounding. This is a general BQH hypnosis session, with less focus on past lives & more on the Higher Self in general. *Wire headphones with mic required, NO wireless* Sessions can go over 4.5 hours, as I never want to rush anything, so be prepared for that. Clear out all day for your session, as much as possible. You'll want to relax & prepare/integrate with ease & don't plan appointments or a drive after. More in FAQs

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me ASAP, via email, at least 24 hours in advance at If you cancel/reschedule with shorter notice (less than 24 hours), 50% of your payment will be kept as your non-refundable deposit, and you'll be given a code to use to book when rescheduling to account for this.

Contact Details

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