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Online past life regression certified BQH practitioner meditating in the desert


Online BQH Hypnosis, Past Life Regression & Meditation

Online BQH Hypnosis, Past Life Regression & Meditation Sessions

I'm a certified Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) hypnosis practitioner, past life regressionist & I've facilitated hundreds of virtual hypnosis sessions, where I help clients release fears & bad habits, discover hidden insights, reprogram limiting beliefs & emotional blocks, explain phobias & more. With my online BQH hypnosis sessions, I help you investigate aspects of your subconscious mind & receive beneficial insights, for self-discovery & transformation. Utilizing verbal prompts, guided imagery & music, I guide you on a meditative journey, where you achieve a state of deep relaxation & heightened awareness, that allows you to access guidance & receive messages from your subconscious, to help you live your best & most optimized life. 

I support you to achieve your session goals & intentions, as we get to the root of your concerns & issues, to find ideal solutions for success. Whether you're just starting your journey or if you're looking to deepen your existing practice, my virtual BQH hypnosis sessions are designed to cater to all levels of experience. Are you ready to remember who you are & connect with the deepest sides of yourself?

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Online BQH
Hypnosis Session

General Hypnosis

Experience a journey of self-discovery & transformation, with an online BQH hypnosis session. This meditative journey allows you to explore your subconscious to receive beneficial guidance & wisdom, to live your best life. My session preparation & induction processes help you to experience a relaxed state of heightened awareness, that enables you to receive messages from your subconscious. With visualization & introspection, you'll uncover hidden patterns & insights, that are most relevant to your session intention, goals & life.


Online Past Life Regression BQH Session
Past Life Regression Hypnosis

This online BQH session is a past life regression journey, in which you'll explore your subconscious & address aspects from past lives, to help you live your best current life. I help you to connect to your subconscious by guiding you into a relaxed meditative state, utilizing verbal prompts & imagery. In this dream-like state, you'll receive guidance & helpful info from your subconscious, regarding any relevant topics or aspects of your life. Past life memories or symbolic metaphors are remembered, for beneficial lessons, understandings & more.


Hypnosis Session

Extended Length BQH Session

I offer extended length BQH hypnosis sessions & I call these extended versions my "deluxe" sessions. This is a longer session option, in which you'll have additional time to explore more experiences & scenes & to ask a larger amount of questions to your subconscious mind. With this deluxe online session, we have more time to receive guidance & helpful information, for you to integrate into your current life. This is the same exact type of session as my shorter online BQH sessions, but with an added hour.


“The session with Lilly was a rewarding spiritual & self-discovery experience. Lilly has a calming voice & relaxing regression method, that led me into a safe state, to recall several instances of past lives & communicate with my higher self. From the session, I gained insights into my spiritual & physical being that are certain to help me going forward. Her pre-session training materials & communication were very helpful to prep me for the session too."


"The Quantum Guide is just what I needed at the beginning of my journey. She is patient, kind, curious & best of all --- connected to a higher realm. My session with her brought new perspectives & ideas to my life & has triggered a hunger for more connection with my higher self & guides. I highly recommend a session if you're looking for healing, clarity, or just a new experience that could change your life."


"I was so lucky to have a session with Lilly this past week during the 222 portal! She was so fun & easy to talk to! I was definitely nervous & excited, since I have not experienced this type of regression before, but once we got into some meditations & exercises, before the session, I felt so comfortable & ready to dive deep! If you're thinking about past life regression/ BQH regression, look no further than Lilly as a practitioner, she was amazing!"

Certified BQH hypnosis practitioner in the desert

“We have all the answers. We just need to allow ourselves the right questions.”
~ Dolores Cannon

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