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Benefits of Past Life Regression Sessions

Updated: Feb 29

Past life regression (PLR) is form of therapy that aims to explore and resolve issues believed to be rooted in past lives, and it's frequently utilized in one-on-one sessions led by a certified practitioner. Past life regression sessions involve guiding individuals into a relaxed state to explore memories or experiences that may be from past lives, the past in general, or relevant aspects of their subconscious minds as well. PLR sessions can also help clients experience past life imagery that communicates messages in a purely metaphorical way, to convey beneficial lessons and understandings.

During past life regression sessions, you achieve a state of hyper-awareness, where your mind becomes highly focused and receptive to positive to suggestions or affirmations. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety, promote inner peace and relaxation, enhance overall well-being, and so much more. Some potential benefits of past life regression sessions include the following:

Benefits of Past Life Regression Sessions

  1. Self-Discovery: Participants often report gaining insights into their current life challenges and patterns. Exploring perceived past lives can provide a different perspective on current issues and behaviors.

  2. Emotional Healing: Some individuals believe that revisiting past life traumas can lead to emotional healing in the present. This process can involve releasing emotions and finding resolution for unresolved issues.

  3. Phobia & Fear Resolution: Past life regression is sometimes used to address unexplained fears and phobias by uncovering their potential roots in past-life experiences. By understanding the source, individuals may find it easier to overcome these fears. This work can also release limiting beliefs and old engrained stories that are holding you back.

  4. Past Life Exploration: PLR involves exploring past lives or subconscious scenes expressed in a metaphorical way, using past life imagery. This can provide individuals with insights into current life patterns, challenges, relationships, and more.

  5. Spiritual Growth: People seeking spiritual growth may use past life regression as a tool for exploring their spiritual journey over multiple lifetimes. This can lead to a greater sense of purpose and connection.

  6. Understanding Relationship Dynamics: Past life regression may be used to explore the dynamics and connections between individuals in present-day relationships. Some believe that understanding past-life relationships can improve current relationships.

  7. Release of Trauma: Advocates of past life regression suggest that revisiting and understanding past-life traumas can lead to the release of emotional and psychological burdens, promoting overall well-being.

  8. Resolution of Unexplained Physical Ailments: Some individuals believe that certain physical ailments or conditions have roots in past-life experiences. By addressing these experiences through regression, they hope to alleviate current physical symptoms.

  9. Increased Self-Awareness: Engaging in past life regression can lead to a heightened sense of self-awareness, helping individuals understand their personality traits, preferences, and challenges in a broader context.

  10. Personal Empowerment: The process of exploring past lives may empower individuals by helping them take responsibility for their present circumstances and choices, fostering a sense of control and agency.

  11. Uncover Root of Challenges & Unresolved Issues: Uncover the root cause of challenges, fears, traumas, blocks, heath and emotional concerns, or relationship issues. Address unresolved issues or challenges and find solutions to move forward.

More Reasons to Have a Past Life Regression Session

There are countless reasons to have a past life regression BQH session, including these following detailed benefits:

  • Activate, embody & amplify your gifts, abilities & talents

  • Receive guidance about your career, career changes & business(es)

  • Understand your life mission & uncover your soul purpose, plus gain insights about them

  • Recall suppressed or past life memories that are most relevant to your current life's growth

  • Connect to your Higher Self, spirit guides, ancestors & passed on loved ones, to receive guidance & messages

  • Increased self awareness, understanding & empathy

  • Inner child work & healing

  • Shadow work & addressing your shadow side

  • Answer questions about your life's mysteries (i.e. understand paranormal encounters)

  • Gain creative inspirations

  • Understand the meaning of your dreams or reoccurring dreams & investigation

  • Learn more about a NDE (near death experience)

  • Receive soul origin information

  • Investigate cosmic, ET, or UFO encounters & origins

  • Connect with or balance your divine feminine & masculine energies

Past Life Regression Isn't Just About Past Lives...

Not only can you experience your past lifetimes in a past life regression session, but you can also experience and re-live present life memories, future lifetimes/timelines, and parallel lives. Additionally, you can meet your spirit guides, passed on loved ones, ancestors, and guardian angels and receive messages from them. Inner child work and shadow work are other powerful experiences that can occur in a past life regression too. The possibilities are absolutely limitless when it comes to these sessions, and anything can happen.

If you're called to past life regression work and want to explore consciousness in this way, I offer online past life regression sessions - read the details and book one of these virtual hypnosis sessions HERE.

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