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How to Prepare Your Space for a Past Life Regression BQH Session

Updated: Jan 16

It's important to create a comfortable and peaceful space for your past life regression BQH session, or for any other similar journey work, to allow for an optimally relaxing and effective experience. The first step is to select the place where you'll be experiencing your journey. This is usually your bedroom, living room, or any space where you'll have the ability to be completely undisturbed and comfortable. You'll also want to be laying in a reclining position during the actual guided journey, either in a bed, daybed, couch, recliner, etc.


Make sure that you will not be interrupted or disturbed at all during your session, and please make sure that your phone and any other alerts/alarms are completely silenced. Clear out your schedule on the day of your session (as much as possible). It's generally not a good idea to have additional appointments after your session, or plan a long drive ahead of you, unless you are in the passenger seat.

I highly encourage you to cleanse the energy of your space (and yourself) before your session with your preferred energy cleansing method, like with energy clearing smoke/incense, sound frequencies, intention, etc. Also, make sure that your physical space is clean and not cluttered, so the energy is clear and fresh, and adjust the lighting of your space to whatever makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed. Play relaxing or meditative music before your session, to set the stage for a beautiful journey.


Bring a large glass, cup, or bottle of water to your session - hydration is key. We will set intentions together with our water and alchemize together, to start your journey. You can also bring a light meal or snacks with you too, as we will have time to eat at the start of the session as we chat. I also encourage snacking at the end of the session, during the grounding portion, as eating helps to ground. Some great grounding snacks are nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies. Be sure to have a light meal before your session as well, so that you're not hungry during your experience.


It’s also a great idea to have supportive items near by, like comfortable pillows and spare blankets, as body temperature changes can happen during these sessions. If you find it helpful to block out light from your eyes during your guided journey, you're welcome to bring an eye mask or a scarf/fabric to use for this purpose. If you're worried about falling asleep during your session, I suggest using pillows to prop yourself up and to keep you seated more upright, as opposed to laying down completely flat.

Crystals are wonderful allies for these journeys too, and I highly recommend bringing any crystals to your session that you're called to bring. More specifically, I've found that Selenite (Satin Spar) crystals can be very helpful to hold or have near by during these sessions. If you have any grounding crystals, like Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Jet, Hematite, etc., I suggest bringing them for holding/grounding at the end of your session. Read more detailed information about which crystals you should bring to your session HERE.

Other items that are fantastic to have close by during your experience are plants, flowers, essential oils (diffusing), rock lamps, personal sacred items, and any other relaxing tools.


As a technology reminder, be sure to have your video streaming device (laptop, iPad, etc.) fully charged and plugged into a wall charger during your session. Bring a headset or headphones with a microphone attached this is VERY important! NO wireless headphones! Make sure to bring your headset or headphones with a cord and that they work. Download and familiarize yourself with Zoom and ALL of your equipment prior to the session.

It is extremely beneficial to take the time to prepare and setup a sacred space before your session, as it helps to make your experience even more relaxing, tranquil, and successful.

With love,


The Quantum Guide

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