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Online Past Life Regression BQH Sessions - What Happens

Updated: Feb 29

Benefits of Online Sessions

My online past life regression BQH sessions are conducted virtually via Zoom (video chat), making this type of experience easily accessible from the comfort of your home. I've found that my clients are able to connect so very deeply with these virtual hypnosis sessions, as they allow for the experience to occur in your own relaxed environment. Because you are able to be so comfortable in your own space, and so many variables are removed (i.e. planning your drive, traffic, being in an unfamiliar setting, etc.), the experience can be even more relaxed, with minimized interruptions, and therefore more successful. So many initial worries are immediately eased and dissolved with this online session option. To read my blog post about the overall benefits of past life regression and PLR sessions in general, click HERE.

My Online Past Life Regression Sessions

My online past life regression BQH sessions entail deep consciousness exploration and spiritual journeying, where elements of hypnosis and past life regression are used. I help to guide you into this extremely deep meditative state of relaxation, via verbal prompts and guided imagery, and your brain waves are slowed. As you're being guided, you'll be wearing headphones during the journey (with an attached cord and microphone - NO wireless headphones). In this dreamlike state, you're able to communicate directly with your Highest Self and consciousness, for guidance regarding healing and personal + spiritual growth. Your Highest/Higher Self is your truest self, your Divine self, the highest aspect of you that contains all of the wisdom and understanding about you and your lifetimes + soul plan.

While connected in this way, you're able to describe your experience aloud, as you receive messages from your Higher Self, other lifetimes, energies, spirit guides, and beyond. Here, we're also able to address any subconscious blockages that may be holding you back, and get direct knowledge from your Higher Self on how to proceed forward in the most beneficial way.

Exploring Your Other Lifetimes & Timelines

Typically, you'll experience a couple of your other past, present, parallel, or future lifetimes and/or timelines in your online past life regression BQH session. These shown lifetimes/timelines and scenes are of particular relevance to your session intention and current life and incarnation, with pertinent messages for you that we'll uncover together. After we explore and investigate these experiences and scenes, we'll find out why you were shown these particular lifetimes and aspects, and how they apply to your current life. The main objective of this exploration is to understand the relevance and connection between your other lifetimes (or past, present, or future experiences in this life), and how they relate to your current life and your present actions, thoughts, and behaviors. We'll fully address and balance any of these necessary areas or attachments, before moving onto the next portion of the session.

Higher Self Questions & Guidance

A key aspect of these online past life regression BQH sessions is the questions that you'll write and bring with you to ask your Higher Self and consciousness, to receive guidance on during your session (as you journey through time, space, and lifetimes). You'll email me these questions prior, and we'll go over them at the start of your session (during session prep). When you're in this relaxed and deeply connected state, I'm able to ask your prepared questions to your Higher Self and higher aspects. Your Higher Self inner guidance will deliver messages to you in the form of dreamlike visions, images, sounds, knowings, feelings, sensations, colors, words, numbers, symbols, and more. You will describe all of the information that you receive, and I will ask you further detailed questions to gain as much helpful knowledge and insights for you as possible.

There are countless questions to bring to a past life regression BQH session, and you can ask anything to your Higher Self (nothing is too out there). Common session questions are about:

  • Health and emotional concerns

  • Life mission and soul purpose questions

  • Career and life changes

  • Relationship concerns

  • Past life remembrance and healing

  • Higher Self + spirit guide connection and guidance

  • Soul origin information

  • Dream work investigation (i.e. reoccurring dream questions)

  • Cosmic origins (starseed origins) and E.T. encounter questions

  • Remembering if you are a starseed, indigo child, crystal child, etc.

  • Remembering if you are a volunteer that's here to help earth, and remembering your mission

  • Other esoteric or life mystery questions

Past Life Regression BQH Session Structure & Format

These online past life regression BQH sessions last for approximately 3.5 to 4.5 hours (depending on which session you sign up for), and the session length is broken up into 3 main parts:

  1. Pre-session Conversation, Prep & Intention Setting - We'll go over the session process and discuss anything and everything that you'd like to before your journey begins. We'll talk about you and your background, and thoroughly review all of of your Higher Self questions. We'll write and set an intention together, based on what your session goal is, and we'll do a brief relaxation exercise as well.

  2. BQH Session Journey - This is the deep meditative consciousness exploration and journey. Each soul's adventure is completely unique and holds a beautifully individual experience. Typically, experiences are explored from past/present/future/parallel lives and more. We connect with your subconscious and Higher Self to answer your session questions and do energy work. Your journey is recorded for you and kept private.

  3. Review - We'll briefly review and reflect on what was just experienced in your journey, I'll answer any questions, and make sure that you're fully grounded for the rest of your day.

Your virtual hypnosis session will be recorded (audio and video) and sent to you, so that you're able to refer back to all of the received wisdom and knowledge at any time. You'll be sent the recording via email, and it can be listened to over and over again, for infinite experiences and benefits.

All of this information is just a general framework and structure of my online past life regression BQH sessions, but sometimes these sessions take on their own unique formats and experiences. For example, I've had a client that didn't only experience a couple of lifetimes, but rather she jumped from lifetime to lifetime, over and over again, encountering many of her different incarnations at a faster pace. I've had other clients meet their Higher Selves right at the start of their journeys, and therefore we went right into asking their session questions then (as opposed to experiencing other lifetimes first). I've also had clients encounter only one past lifetime, and then they connected with their spirit guide to receive messages from them directly. These sessions are incredibly unique to the experiencer, and as such, all of the session elements can occur in a variety of orders, with different focuses and formats. Your Higher Self will take you exactly where you need to go and show you exactly what you're meant to see.

Anything is possible within these online past life regression BQH sessions, and if you're called to book one with me, click HERE. Or, if you'd like to speak with me directly and get your questions answered before scheduling a session, then book a consultation call with me HERE.

With love,


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